Public Auction 


Thursday June 18, 2020 

On Thursday June 18, 2020, at 11 AM, at the Conference Room of the Chamber of Commerce of Aruba,

 Irausquin Boulevard 10, Aruba, will be auctioned in public:

ex. art 514 Rv Aruba:

A residential house, locally known as​


standing on a parcel of full ownership land. ca. 506 m2 m2 in size, situated at Noord in Aruba,locally recorded as Second Division Section D number 163, index 4739.


Starting bid: Afl. 235.000,--

Appraisal report: 

no private bids can be submitted for the auction of this property.




ex art. 3:268 jo. 3:254 Civil Code of Aruba: 

A residential house, locally known as​

MOKO 221

standing on a parcel of full ownership land. 894 m2 m2 in size, situated at Noord in Aruba, locally recorded as First Division Section L number 4201.


Starting bid: Afl. 493.500,--

Appraisal report: 

A private bid can be submitted until June 3, 2020, 5 PM.


  • The auction is subject to the general conditions for foreclosure auctions and special auction conditions which will be determined by acting civil law notary T.R. Johnson.

  • The auction will take place by raising bids (in Dutch: “bij opbod”) and by decreasing bids (in Dutch: “bij afmijning”), in one session.

  • Seller has the right to not accept any bid, at his sole discretion.

  • All auction costs are for the account of the buyer, which costs include: transfer tax, registration fees cadaster, the outstanding long lease fees and property taxes for execution of the necessary notarial deeds, other auction costs (rent of auction room, bailiff fees, cancellation of liens and mortgages, advertisements), and the costs to have the property vacated, if necessary.

  • Each bidder must be able to submit a bank-guarantee issued by a reputable bank in Aruba to the amount of the highest bid increased with an amount equal to the auction costs.

  • The auction may be stopped or postponed at any time.