May 12, 2021
Apr 29, 2021
  • MEIVELD 47-B - Apr 29, 2021 at 11:00 AM

    A long lease land up to June 22, 2053 measuring 1351m2, located at Meiveld in Aruba, recorded in the Title Registry in Aruba as First Division Section P number 2607, with the thereupon erected dwelling house, locally known as "Meiveld 47-B".

    Het recht van erfpacht tot 22  juni 2053 op een perceel domeingrond groot 1351m2, gelegen te Meiveld in Aruba, kadastraal bekend als Eerste Afdeling Sectie P nummer 2607, met het daarop gebouwde woonhuis, plaatselijk bekend als “Meiveld 47-B”.

    Starting bid: AWG 648.000,--

    Auction place: Chamber of Commerce Aruba, Auditorium

    Private bid can be submitted until the 14th of April 2021

  • The auction is subject to the general auction conditions and special auction conditions which will be determined by notary T.R. Johnson in a separate notarial deed for every separate property.

  • The auction will take place by raising bids (bij opbod) and by decreasing bids (bij afmijning) in one session.

  • Seller has the right to not accept any bid, at his sole discretion.

  • All auction costs are for the account of the buyer, which costs include: transfer tax, registration fees Land Registry, the outstanding long lease fees (erfpacht canon) and property taxes (grondbelasting) for execution of the necessary notarial deeds, other auction costs (rent of auction room, bailiff fees, cancellation of liens and mortgages, advertisements), and the costs to have the property vacated, if necessary.

  • Each bidder must be able to submit a bank-guarantee issued by a reputable bank in Aruba (or another proof of funds acceptable to the Seller) to the amount of the highest bid increased with an amount equal to the auction costs.

  • The auction may be stopped or postponed at any time.