What We Do

Johnson Notary Services is a full service civil law notary firm.


We provide the following legal services:


- real estate transactions, such as title transfers, auctions, mortgages, long lease issuances, lease-purchase deeds, title opinions, title searches, easements, rights of superficies and establishing other real rights on properties;

- corporate transactions, such as incorporating new companies and other legal entities including foundations and associations, amendments to articles of existing companies, share transfers, mergers and aquisitions and certificates of goodstanding;

- family law transactions, such as last wills, prenuptial agreements, estate work including winding up of estates and issuing attestations of inheritance, dividing marital community properties and other undivided succession lands;

- notarizations including authenticating signatures and providing true copies of original documents. We can also provide apostilles through the government as well;

- escrow services. 

Condominium Projects

We provide services for dividing buildings in condominiums through a deed of division and related services regarding drafting of sale & purchase agreements and contracting agreements. We also draft and execute condominium regulations and incorporate a homeowner's association. Last but not least we executed mortgage loan deeds for the financing of the project. Through our extensive experience we can assist in all areas of real estate development. 

Aircraft mortgages and aircraft title registrations 

Our office has ample experience with aircraft mortgage transactions in Aruba. We can also register aircraft in Aruba through the Aircraft Title Registry and international interests in the International Registry in Ireland. Aruba has been a party to the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment, including the Protocol Thereto on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment since September 2010. This entails that all local mortgages can be registered throught the International Registry. 

Although a pledge can be registered in the International Registry as well, it will not provide the same security as a mortgage in a non-member Convention state and can therefore be considered very risky as a security document for protecting the interests of the mortgagee.  


In Aruba all auctions are conducted through a civil law notary. The auction procedure and current auction listings can be reviewed at our auction page

Practice Areas

  • Real Estate law

  • Corporate law 

  • Family law 

  • Notarizations 

  • Escrow services